What’s at Trout Lake, Sept 19

Trout Lake shoppers answer “What are the three main reasons you shop at the farmers market?”

We love seeing summer fruits like peaches and plums beside fall fruits like apples and grapes. We’re seeing the tapering end of tomato season, but they’re still delicious! We’re expecting a whole lot of chanterelles from Wild Foraged this Saturday too!

Don’t miss these vendors:

  • The Promised Land Farm: Alain is coming from the Sunshine Coast with all sorts of found edibles and coastal delights!
  • Wenger Sheep Farm: Brigitte and Henry are back with lamb, mutton, homemade pasta and wool
  • Empire Valley Premium Beef: It’s one of Joyce’s rare appearances at Trout Lake – don’t miss her!

Survey September

This is the month where we ask you to tell us who you are, what you care about, and how we can make the markets better. Be sure to stop by our survey station and take part! Got more ideas? Fill out a comment and add it to our suggestion box!

Vote Pop-Ups

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming federal election? If not, stop by our Vote Pop-Ups at Mt Pleasant or Main St Station and get the information you need to get onto the voter list! We’re hosting a ‘mock’ election (no actual candidates, sorry!) that you can vote in too!

See you at the market!

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