Winter Market – Nov 8

What a fantastic opening day! We hope you were there to experience the sunshine, good people, delicious produce and food-stomping tunes. We’re excited to bring it all back again on Saturday. Our market baskets went home full of fresh greens, hot peppers, heirloom tomatoes, heritage apples and fresh local turmeric! Wonder what we’ll get this week…

“Meat” some of the vendors who only come to the Winter Market at Nat Bailey:

  • Lamington Heritage Farm: We raise our animals on our small family farm without the use of hormones or medications. Poultry are fully pastured, run free in the fields, and only go in the barns at night for protection. They have certified organic grain available to eat as well as the foraging they do on the fields. Our lamb and sheep are also pastured or receive hay. They receive minimal amounts of certified organic grain in their lifetime. The lamb is therefore slow growing and lean.
  • K & M Farms:  We grow chickens and turkeys outside on pasture. They are fed a vegetarian grain diet with no antibiotics or hormones. Ask us about our llamas… (Website)
  • Outwest Ranches: We sell naturally raised beef, dog treats, free range eggs and fresh, frozen blackberries. Cattle are born and raised on our own farm, raised without growth hormones or antiobiotics.

Self-serve Drop Spot: Did you know you can bring your food scraps to the market? For a $2 donation, we’ll take your food scraps and bring them offsite to be composted for you. Come find us at the Info Booth for more details.

See you at the market!

(check out our Interactive Market Map for a full vendor list)