Yaletown – May 21

How many green vegetables did you spot at our Green and Leafy Festival last week? We lost count at 45 different green varieties! The biggest excitement last week was seeing the first broccoli of the season but check out some of the other greens we had – endive frisee, italian dandelion, arugula, asparagus, wheatgrass, swiss chard, mini cukes, spinach, kale, parsley, basil, cilantro, thyme – just to name a few!

This week we are excited to see the first cider, sake, and rice at the Yaletown Farmers Market!

Check out these vendors: 

Howling Moon Cider House – This cider makes its way to Yaletown from Oliver, BC, by folks that love cider, care about their apples and hand bottle every cider!

Artisan Sake Maker – bringing their premium Sake and 100% BC grown rice!

Spread’Em Kitchen – returning this year with even more veggie dips, new to their lineup is a Carrot Ginger & Jalapeño Cashew.

See you at the market!


For a complete list of vendors this week, check out our Yaletown Market Map