Yaletown – May 28

It’s time for your favourite European-style market again this week! Join us in Yaletown from 2-6pm every Thursday for the best of BC.

With all the warm weather we’ve been enjoying this springs comes with it an early berry season! Pick up a basket and enjoy the first strawberries of the season that have been popping up at the market. These berries are the freshest and tastiest berries you will find in Yaletown.

Check out these vendors:

Maan Farms Market & Estate Winery – Joining us for the first time in Yaletown, Maan Farms Market & Estate Winery will be bringing their delicious strawberries and fruit wines from Abbotsford.

Nuez Beverage Co. – with a goal to create the best tasting and purest nut milks free of preservatives, thickeners and stabilizers, these milks are a must try and come in 5 different flavours!

Watershed Naturals Handmade Luxury Soap & Skincare – making pure handcrafted natural soap. Why is this soap so luxurious? That’s a question to ask the soap maker herself. Catherin will be happy to answer your questions this Thursday.

See you at the market!


For a complete list of vendors this week, check out our Yaletown Market Map