Your 2019 Guide to a Locally-Sourced Seder Plate


Come by the Riley Park Farmers Market this Saturday (or next) and the Hastings Park Farmers Market this Sunday to get some fresh ingredients for your Seders on the 19th and 20th!

  • For your Beitzah: Pick up some eggs from Rockweld Farm (Sat & Sun), Langley Organic Growers (Sat), Goldwing (Sat), Outwest Ranches (Sat 13 only) or The Farmhouse (Sat 13 only).
  • For your Charoset: Visit Golden West Farms (Sat & Sun), or Klippers Organic Acres (Sat) to choose some apples, and Jane’s Honey Bees (Sat), BCB Honey (Sat) or Neighbourly Bee (Sun) to pick up a jar of honey.
  • For your Maror: Stop by Crisps Organic’s stall (Sat & Sun) to get some freshly dug horseradish!
  • For your Karpas: Believe it or not… Sole Food Street Farms (Sat) has parsley in April! 
  • For your Zeroa: You can get chicken from Rockweld Farm (Sat & Sun), Goldwing (Sat),  or Central Park Farms (Sat).
  • For your Holiday Candles: Visit von Hardenburg Candles (Sat) to pick some hand dipped 100% beeswax candlesticks.

Additionally, to brighten up your dinner table you could buy some beautiful spring bouquets from Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils (Sat), River and Sea Flowers (Sat), or The Frontyard Flower Co. (Sun). We hope you have a lovely holiday with your friends and family!

Not Jewish, but interested in the significance of the Seder Plate for Passover? Visit to learn more.