Your Guide to a Locally-Sourced Seder Plate

Pesach Sameach!

Come by the Nat Bailey Farmers Market to get some fresh ingredients for a locally-sourced Seder Plate in time for your second seder this Saturday night!

  • For your Beitzah: Pick up some organic eggs from Earth Apple Farm, Rockweld Farm or The Farmhouse.
  • For your Charoset: Visit Klippers Organic Growers, Golden West Farms, or Harvey’s Orchards to choose some apples.
  • For your Maror: Stop by Lowland Herb Farm’s stall to get some freshly dug horseradish from Farmer Boni!
  • For your Karpas: Parsley isn’t quite in season yet, however our farmers have a couple of other options – Cropthorne Farm has a variety of leafy greens and Rondriso Farms has potatoes.
  • For your Zeroa: You can get chicken from Goldwing, Rockweld Farm or K&M Farms!

Additionally, to brighten up your dinner table you can also grab some daffodils from Bryan and Agnes Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils or some tulips from Warmerdam Flowers. We hope you have a lovely holiday with your friends and family!

Not Jewish and interested in the significance of the seder plate for Passover? Visit: