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Mount Pleasant Vendor of the Week

As another summer market season draws to a close here at Dude Chilling Park, we are excited to feature cocktail favorite Dickie’s Ginger for our final week!  Stephen Tufts, owner of Dickie’s, has found the perfect balance of fresh ginger, fresh lemon, and cane sugar, producing each delicious batch of ginger beer by hand here in Vancouver. We got in touch with Stephen to find out more about Dickie’s and his summer here at #MPFM. 


How did your business get started and when?

I started my business at the end of March 2014, selling for the first time at an East Side Flea event. I just really wanted to be involved in the small business community of Vancouver making something people loved. Ginger beer was the best idea I had and also a personal obsession of mine.  Seemed like a good fit so I just decided to go for it!

What varieties of ginger beer do you produce? What is your best seller? And your personal favorite? 

 Lots! I think I’ve done almost 20 flavors at this point.

The best seller is still the original, followed by the “Bangkok Brew” flavor (lemongrass, lime leaf, and mint). Although I recently tracked down some frozen spruce tips leftover from spring and it sold like crazy! So I’ll definitely be doing that one again when they’re back in season.

My personal favorite was “Forest Fire” which had spruce, pine, chipotles and chilies. The raspberry also turned out really well this year. The special flavors are a mix of seasonal products and things that pique my curiosity. They are always limited release though so your favorite flavor one week might be gone the next.


Do you provide reusable bottles? Can customers bring their own bottle? 

Yes. They are $4 for a 1L growler. Customers are always welcome to bring their own bottle.

What is the largest quantity of ginger beer a customer has ever bought at one time? 

14L, it was crazy! Someone brought 7 full size (2L) growlers to fill. There was quite the lineup behind them by the time I was finally finished filling them all.

Where else can we find your ginger beer in Mount Pleasant?

Several places – Dock Lunch, 33 Acres, Cartems Donuts on Main, Elysian Coffee on Ontario, Don’t Argue! Pizzeria, and The August Market.

It was so great to have you at the market this season! What do you love about #MPFM?

The customers! I think they are some of the friendliest around. I always get wrapped up in good conversations at the Mount Pleasant market. I also live closest to that market so it really feels like my community.


Come and fill a growler of Dickie’s at the final market this Sunday, featuring a special Thanksgiving themed flavor! Dickie’s Ginger can also be found at the Nat Bailey Winter Market beginning in November. 

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Mount Pleasant vendor of the week!

This Sunday is the Fall Fair at #MPFM! This week we are featuring a Vancouver Farmers Market staple, and #MPFM crowd favorite – Taves Family Farms Applebarn! 


#MPFM regulars may best know Applebarn for their apples, peppers, and heirloom tomatoes – but this week Applebarn will feature a Pumpkin Patch and an assortment of tasty treats produced at their farm including caramel apples, caramel corn, apple chips, and fresh apple cider! 


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We chatted with Kelsi of Applebarn to learn more about the Farm and their produce: 

Where is the Farm located and how long has it been in operation? 

Taves Family Farm is located in Abbotsford, and we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year!

What is your most popular item? 

Personally, I love the variety of apples we produce and our heirloom tomatoes, but the most popular customer item is definitely the $6 fill-a-bag pepper challenge.

What do you love about #MPFM? 

We were one of the first vendors at #MPFM and we really love it here. The people are so friendly, Mount Pleasant is a great community.

Come and visit the Pumpkin Patch this Sunday at the 8th ave entrance to #MPFM! Applebarn will also be offering $1 off pepper bags and 2 bags for apples for $10 for Vancouver Farmers Market members.

 Taves Family Farm Applebarn in Abbotsford features a country store, u-pick apples, and a pumpkin patch, for more information check out their website

written by Andrea Rivers, VFM volunteer

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Mount Pleasant Vendor of the week!

Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) Farm School 

This week we feature a new vendor to the #MPFM Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) Farm School, a collaboration between the TFN and the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). We spoke with one of the school instructors Corine at #MPFM to learn more about the farm school.


 Welcome to #MPFM! Please tell us a bit more about the farm school collaboration. 

Our school combines sustainable agriculture and indigenous food systems to foster community and dialogue around land stewardship. We grow a wide assortment of produce and we also raise pigs and chickens.


Where is the farm located?

The school is located on a 20 acre farm on traditional TFN lands. Here we are developing a traditional medicine garden, food forest, and orchards.

What do you love about #MPFM?

The customer are very nice here at #MPFM and interested to learn more about our program. It’s a great learning opportunity for our students.

written by Andrea Rivers, volunteer VFM

Mount Pleasant vendor of the week!

This week at #MPFM we are featuring one of our long time vendors from beautiful Squamish, BC – Good Time Farming! We chatted with Nic and Stefan Butler at the market last Sunday…. 

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When was Good Time Farming established, and where do you farm? 

Good Time Farming started in 2007. We are currently farming on five plots in Brackendale, and up the Squamish Valley in both rural and urban-“ish” environments. Most of the work is done manually with little machinery used. Biodynamic principles and companion cropping are followed in a very natural growing system that creates high quality, nutrient dense product. Our operations are year round, with produce grown in our greenhouses through the winter.

We are a family run business. Our Mom grows our sprouts and flowers, Stefan and Lindsay oversee most of the vegetable production, and Nic has been focused on working with the bees.

Bees! Are you selling honey this year at #MPFM? 

We have 40 colonies and have been producing honey this year, available for sale here at the market. We have been learning a lot about bee keeping and honey production, its very interesting. We have been growing flowering cover crops for the bees and letting our brassicas go to flower – pollinators love brassica.

 What do you love about #MPFM? 

We love the customers! We have been at Mount Pleasant market since the very beginning.

Good Time Farming is at #MPFM every Sunday, and they will also be found at the VFM Winter Market starting in November! 

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written by Andrea Rivers, VFM volunteer