Organic Week at Trout Lake – Sept 26

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Look for the red “Organic Certification on File” signs identifying certified organic producers at Vancouver Farmers Markets

It’s Organic Week!

Trout Lake Farmers Market has some of widest diversity of certified organic products you can find in Vancouver AND the organic producers themselves. Organic certification is one of the most traceable programs available when it comes to figuring out where your food comes from (other than asking the producers at the farmers market yourself).

10 Reasons you should choose “Organic”

  1. Organic products meet strict national standards
  2. Cut back on chemicals! Protect your health and the health of farmers and children
  3. Organic farms take water seriously
  4. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature
  5. Organic methods reduce pollution and wasted energy
  6. Organic farmers build healthy soil
  7. Organic farming is good for rural Canada
  8. Organic producers strive to preserve genetic diversity
  9. Organic is the only non-GMO standard overseen by the Canadian government
  10. Organic food tastes great!

find the explanations for the above at Canada Organic “Why Organic”

Don’t miss these vendors:

We’ve got 15 organic producers on site this Saturday, from Okanagan fruits to Fraser Valley veggies, biodynamic herbs, artisan cheese and breads!

Stoney Paradise | Organic Farm Connection | Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm | Lowland Herb Farm | Shalefield Organic Gardens | Helmer Organic Farm | Klippers Organic Acres | Langley Organic Growers | Forrest Nelson Certified Organic Produce | Stein Mountain Farm | Golden West Farms | Soban Organic Farm at Yarrow Ecovillage | Specialty Mushroom Growers Coop | The Farm House Natural Cheeses | A Bread Affair

See you at the market!

Click here for this week’s schedule and market map

For location information, check out the Trout Lake market page