This week at Trout Lake – August 8

Celebrate over 150 varieties of tomatoes at Tomato Festival August 22

Due to the early summer and hot, dry conditions, we’ve been seeing tomatoes for a while now at the Trout Lake Farmers Market. Did you know that our farmers grow over 150 different varieties? We dare you to pick up the most colourful and odd-shaped tomatoes you can find this week and put them in a salad or slice them up on toast. Maybe do your own taste-test in your kitchen with friends. Add a little olive oil, a little basil. Perfect.

Don’t miss these vendors:

  • Langley Organic Growers: This cooperative of Fraser Valley organic farmers has been coming to Trout Lake since the very beginning. They have the biggest heads of lettuce at the market, lacto-fermented sauerkraut, and the best deal on certified organic eggs we’ve seen anywhere this side of the border.
  • Hill Top Farm: Another long-term vendor, Jetander has been bringing Okanagan goodness to Vancouver for as long as we can remember. Check out his rainbows of field-grown peppers and assortment of hot ones. He’s a pretty good source of recipes ideas too…
  • West Best Coffee Roasters: These have the smoothest, caramel-est, delightful-est dark roast in Vancouver (maybe because Steve has family in Toronto…) Regardless, be sure to pick up a cup of hot coffee and a bag of beans to go!

Tomato Festival – August 22!

This is our oldest and favourite festival where we get to put all the tomatoes available at the market on display! Check out our event page, join our event on Facebook, or simply put Saturday, August 22 in your calendar to join the fun!

See you at the market!

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For location information, check out the Trout Lake market page