Damp spring for BC farmers

Yolanda Versterre of Shalefield Organics has struggled with extreme weather at her farm for several months. Credit: Shalefield Organic Gardens

There’s never been a better time than now to support BC farmers. The cold, damp spring following on the heels of a harsh winter has left many of our growers a month or more behind on production. Some farmers have had to cancel market dates due to lack of product, impacting their early season sales when they need them most.

Despite these challenges, an abundance of farm-to-table goodness, seasonal produce, and some exciting new vendors can be found at the markets right now. We hope to see market shoppers out en masse in the next few weeks to give our farmers the boost they need to get through a tough start to the season!

Strawberries coming in from Mandair Farms in Abbotsford are offering some sweet relief from all the grey, wet weather. Credit: Mandair Farms

Read more: Vancouver Sun’s recent article on wet weather and its affects on BC farmers.

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