Good Food begins with Good Ingredients- RIPE 2014

“Good food begins with good ingredients” is the common mantra of RIPE 2014 pairing Graze restaurant and Cropthorne Farm. Coming together to provide an appetizer for the 5th annual VFM fall dinner fundraiser, this team is sure to tantalize our taste buds with their philosophy of providing nutritious and delicious dishes. “Chef Karen McAthy’s dishes […]

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Edible Feast for RIPE 2014

RIPE 2014 is shaping up to be a tasty treat with chefs like Tyler Dallner and Nik Bunting, from Edible Canada, preparing a farm to table feast for the main course. Based on Edible Canada’s philosophy of supporting Canada’s finest artisans, farmers, brewers and foragers from Coast to Coast, Tyler and Nik will work with […]

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