Our Impact

Our Impact Reports

Welcome to the heart of our commitment to create vibrant and welcoming markets that build community, feed people, and support small farms and producers. The Vancouver Farmers Markets are not just a place to find fresh, local produce but a vibrant community hub that plays a significant role in enriching our city’s economic, social, and environmental fabric. Our Impact Reports section offers a comprehensive view of the fruits of our collective efforts and the tangible changes we’re fostering in Vancouver and beyond.

Annual Reports

Dive into some of our past Annual Reports for a year-by-year breakdown of the Vancouver Farmers Market’s journey. Each report is a testament to the hard work of our vendors, volunteers, crew, staff and everyone who is a part of farmers markets community.

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Our Community Impact

Under our Community Impact Programs, we are committed to fostering a healthier, more inclusive environment that is accessible to all in our community. Our initiatives, such as “Fresh to Families,” aim to address food insecurity by facilitating nutrition coupons to low-income families, pregnant individuals, and elders. This program not only ensures access to nutrient-dense food to those in need but also supports local BC farms, keeping the economic benefits within local economy.

Additionally, our “Donation Station” initiative allows market vendors to contribute surplus produce, which is then distributed to community members in need. Together, these programs embody our dedication to nurturing the well-being of our community and the local economy, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

In addition to our “Fresh to Families” and “Donation Station” initiatives, our “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) program strengthens the bond between local farmers and consumers, ensuring a steady market for farmers and fresh, local produce for community members.

The “Busker Program” brings vibrant, live entertainment to our farmers markets, enhancing the shopping experience for all. Our “Volunteer Program” invites community members to contribute their time and skills, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in our markets.

And finally, our “Community Table” program offers subsidized space to non-profits and charities that share our values, providing them with a platform to raise awareness and support for their causes. Together, these programs illustrate our comprehensive approach to building a healthier, more connected, and sustainable community.

Fresh to Families Impact Report

Our Fresh to Families Program is a cornerstone initiative aimed at providing fresh, nutritious, and locally-grown food to families in need at our farmers markets, while keeping every dollar spent within the local economy. The Fresh to Families Impact Report highlights the reach and outcomes of this vital program. The reports share an overview of the impact the program brings to the families it serves as well the vendors at the farmers markets. In a nutshell – “Fresh nutritious locally grown food makes to those who need it most, and local economy benefits, while powerful connections are forged between local farmers and urban families.

Economic Impact Reports

The 2023 Economic Impact Reports shed light on the Vancouver Farmers Market’s contribution to the local economy. Discover how the market supports small businesses, creates jobs, and stimulates local spending. These reports illustrate the ripple effects of every dollar spent at the market, from bolstering local businesses to strengthening our community’s economic resilience.

The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM), in collaboration with Dr. David Connell of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), completed a large, province-wide study in 2023 to measure the economic impact of farmers markets in BC. The 2023 BC Farmers’ Market Economic Impact Study builds upon the success of similar projects completed in 2012 and 2006, which were also led by BCAFM and Dr. David Connell. By using comparable methods, we are able to assess changes over time. This study measures market spending and spending at neighbouring local businesses, both of which contribute to the economic impact of farmers markets in BC.

Check out the snapshots of Economic Impact that each of our markets bring to the city and neighbouring areas.

Social Impact Reports

Our markets are more than just places to shop; they are vibrant community spaces that foster social connections and well-being. The Social Impact Reports explore the various ways in which the Vancouver Farmers Market contributes to the social fabric of our city. Learn about our efforts in community engagement, educational initiatives, and the creation of inclusive spaces that welcome all members of our diverse community.

Role of Vancouver Farmers Markets in Public Policy Framework – A Research

This in-depth Research Report, undertaken by post-graduate students at UBC, MFRE, examines the integral role that the Vancouver Farmers Markets need to play within the broader public policy framework. It offers insights into how our markets contribute to sustainable urban development, food security, and overall public health. This report is a valuable resource for policymakers, urban planners, and anyone interested in the intersection of local food systems and public policy, as well as an indication for the much needed seat for at the table for Vancouver Farmers Markets especially for policy development work related to farmers markets.

Explore, Engage, Empower

We invite you to explore these reports to understand the full scope of the Vancouver Farmers Market’s impact. Together, we’re not just growing a market; we’re nurturing a community, bolstering the local economy, and paving the way for a sustainable future. Join us in celebrating the achievements we’ve made and in shaping the bright future ahead.